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Sweat lodge

The sweat lodge is a hut made of willow branches. This hut will be covered with wool blankets. In the middle of the sweat lodge a shallow well has been made in which hot basalt stones are placed. Spices are sprinkled over these hot stones and water is poured.

The fire and the stones are taken care of outside by the firekeeper.

In the hut, water is poured by the watering can (ceremony leader).

This is literally how it goes. The operation of the sweat lodge ceremony goes beyond this factual explanation.

The sweat lodge ceremony is a very old cleansing ritual which 


Photo by Link Rose

I will never forget my first sweat lodge ceremony at Michaela van der Meer (Kura Waka in Groningen). I was at a low point in my life and relationship with my partner Arne. A dear friend of mine recommended a sweat lodge ceremony. I had no idea what a sweat lodge ceremony was. What I did know is that I needed something to gain insights. I went there blank. I spoke to other participants who had attended sweat lodges before and started to find it quite exciting. When I sat in the sweat lodge the next morning and I was allowed to experience the heat and steam, I knew: "I'm home". I thought it was a fantastic experience and the warmth did me good. I prayed and sang. After the sweat lodge we ate "potluck" together and all I thought was: "I WANT THIS" but also: "I want to go home now, to Arne". 

That's how my sweat lodge adventure and memory came to me and started. 





In March 2023 I was able to complete "Sweat's Magic the training" (of 1 year) with Michaela. In which I, with 6 other participants, had a wonderful year full of valuable "teachings". Knowledge transfer from mouth to ear, without paperwork, readers or books. Just the old way; listening, watching, doing and especially repeating the old knowledge and tradition that Michaela herself received from Elder Ron Evans of the Chippewa Cree tribe. I am honored to have received this knowledge and an honor to continue this tradition.

During this training we are trained as fire keepers and ceremony leader of the sweat lodge. 


9 free sweat lodges


At the end of March 2023 we were instructed to give 9 sweat lodges for free. For the 9 months we've been carried in the womb. 

These are the 9 dates:

NB: Dates subject to change and location will be announced.

Maximum number of participants: 11


July 29, Location: Sauna caravan Amsterdam  FULL

October 14, Location: Sauna caravan Amsterdam

November 18, Location: Sauna caravan Amsterdam  FULL

December 23


January 6

February 3

March 16

April 20

June 1

The sweat lodge ceremonies will take place at various locations in the country, including Amsterdam and Groningen.

If you want to participate in one of these (free) sweat lodges send anmessage and you will receive more information regarding the sweat lodge ceremony.

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