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Who is a massage for? When do you need a massage?

I believe that a massage is a 1st necessity of life. 

"It is good for everyone to receive a massage at least once a month."

"It causes the release of happiness hormones."

"It relaxes the mind and body."

"It creates more space in the body."

"It ensures the removal of toxic substances in the muscles." 

"It ensures a better night's sleep".

"It lowers stress."

"It makes for a better state of mind."

You can hire a masseur to treat a physical complaint.

Common complaints: muscle tension, stress, fatigue, insomnia, injury, etc.

Even if you have no complaints, a massage is a blessing for body and mind.


The massages I give are diverse. From sports massage to deep relaxation massage. My goal is to give the body what it asks for at that moment. I like to make it personal by looking at what you need at the moment. 

This is discussed in a short conversation needs, any complaints, injuries or contraindications.

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New Light Body treatment: Is the most chosen treatment. This is a personalized treatment, in which we look at what is needed at that moment in consultation with the client. This can be a mix of various massage forms in combination with intuitive and energy work.

Deep tissue massage: An in-depth massage in which the problem area is treated by means of different techniques are addressed, such as; trigger points, the use of the elbow, forearms and finger joints. This massage brings relief to the whole body and the problem area.

Relaxation massage: With warm organic oil and long, gentle strokes, I bring body and mind into deep relaxation. In this relaxed state it is possible for the body to release stress and even blockages.

Holistic Massage: Because I work with the energy of the client, among other things, I fit a soft and subtle massage. During this massage you will work with; gentle strokes and holistic pulsing. In addition, work is done in the biofield (aura and chakras) of the client. This massage is experienced as very relaxing and soothing. Trauma and stress can also be released during this massage.

New Light Healing

Who is a New Light Healing for? And what exactly is a healing?

The healing I give is accessible to everyone. It is an intervention that takes place through light touch on the body (or without touch). By applying different interventions, balance is created in the energy field (aura) and in the 7 basic chakras (Crown, Forehead, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root). 

Various complaints can be treated. (Think of: headache, migraine, insomnia, trauma, heavy energy, stress, melancholy, burnout, anxiety, major events or changes in your life, etc.)

Without realizing it, anything can be going on in your energy field, which can manifest itself in physical complaints. But even if you have no complaints and you are ready for relaxation or want to experience a deeper spiritual experience, a healing session is also suitable.


The New Light Healing that I provide is based on interventions from, among othersHealing Touch and healing techniques from shamanism. In addition to these techniques, I use my strong intuition and common sense.

The treatment will take place with a light touch on the body or just above the body. We mainly work in the 7 major (basic) chakras and in the auric field.

At the first meeting, a short intake will be taken with you. Based on this, the treatment is adjusted.

You take a seat on the treatment table. 

A "scan" of your energy field is made, before and after the treatment, to test the effect of the healing. 

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Transformational Cupping

Wat is Transformational Cupping? 

Transformational Cupping is een combinatie van cupping, manuele therapie, voeding en detoxen. Hierbij worden diverse technieken gecombineerd en worden er fantastische resultaten bereikt. Zo worden Oosterse- met Westerse geneeswijzen gecombineerd en wordt detoxen met voeding als medicijn toegepast. Alles wordt in beweging gebracht; de tool is de cup, omdat hiermee de huid vacuüm getrokken wordt en verklevingen die daaronder zitten (zowel oppervlakkige als zeker ook de diepe) losgetrokken worden en het lichaam weer kan doorstromen. Er ontstaat weer ruimte en zuurstofrijk bloed. Knopen "schieten" los, afvalstoffen en verklevingen met vet "schieten" los en alles wordt weer doorbloed en gevoed. Alle onnodige ballast kan nu afgevoerd worden.

Waar is het goed voor?

TFC massage heeft positieve effecten op o.a.: 

- lichamelijke klachten

- vermoeidheid

- huid (o.a. cellulite, striae, fijne lijntjes)

- stress

- trauma release

- pijnlijke spieren

- herstel na ongeluk/operatie (min. 4 maanden na gebeurtenis)

.... en nog veel meer!

Photos byLink Rose

Let op: dit is geen reguliere Cupping!

Ik zal letterlijk en figuurlijk lagen van je aftrekken. Zowel mentaal als fysiek.

Transformational Cupping wordt gecombineerd met manuele therapie, healing en detoxing.

Werkwijze: Voorafgaand aan de behandeling zal ik een kort gesprek met je hebben m.b.t. jouw klachten en/of wensen. Daarna zal ik het besproken gebied (of gebieden) van het lichaam gaan cuppen. Er wordt gebruik gemaakt van verschillende maten glazen cups die tevens vacuüm getrokken kunnen worden. D.m.v. de cup vacuüm te trekken op de huid en in beweging te brengen zullen er afvalstoffen loskomen en het behandelde gebied zal zachter worden. Er wordt zuurstofrijk bloed naar het behandelde gebied gebracht. De huid kan er rood van worden, zelfs paars/blauw als er veel afvalstoffen vrijkomen.

Transformationl Cupping
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